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Fossil Impressions: Portfolio Project

Fossil Impressions, 2004, Bound Album 

The portfolio edition of prints Fossil Impressions evolved as a series over a long period of time. Each of the images came about in a unique or nearly inexplicable way and holds a personal meaning for me. As a collection of images the series combines my reverence of natural history with a complex personal investigation of death and life in the hereafter.

Many fine artists assisted me in the completion of this project. They include staff members of Dieu Donne’ Paper in New York City. At the mill artist Megan Moorhouse produced the custom handmade papers used for the prints, title page, and colophon. The paper process also included trips to the Museum of Natural History and walks along Central Park West with Megan to study matrixes and fossils. The result reflects our impressions of the texture and colors in limestones and slates. Master bookbinder and box maker Carolyn Chadwick lent her patience and expertise to this project and created the beautiful portfolio boxes that house deluxe editions of the prints. Artist Ed Fausty assisted me in every aspect of the production of the accompanying text graphics. The interleafing, not shown here, is a hand made paper from Japan known as Kozo-Shi. Kathy Caraccio graciously allowed me to print the entire edition in her studio where she also expertly curated and dried the prints.


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